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Our Story

Adelani Treasures was birthed from the dream of Leticia A. McFadden to create an educational workbook series that instilled a sense of pride in young people of African descent. This dream was realized through her series, The Black Legacy Learning Series which is comprised of seven books and has been used across all ages. Her vision expanded and she decided to seek out tangible treasures that could be worn or showcased in one's home to display their pride.

Adelani Treasures now sells various African/Afrocentric inspired art, crafts, dolls, jewelry, and other accessories. Our mission is to offer unique, quality, and affordable cultural products that reflect an appreciation of the history and culture of people of African descent while fostering a sense of pride. We also offer jewelry and accessories from other continents that celebrate their culture. We seek to connect and inspire-one treasure at a time!

Our Book Series

Our books teach the rich history and culture of people of African descent.

Treasures from the Motherland

Our unique and handcrafted art comes from different countries of the Motherland.

Statement Jewelry

Our jewelry for both women and men showcases cultural pride.

Our Afrocentric Toys

Our toys shape a positive self-esteem and identity.

Seeking, connecting, and inspiring-one treasure at a time.